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President-elect Donald Trump’s baseless allegations of “voter fraud” are not substantive and voter fraud has been debunked in numerous studies, his claims give leverage to political leaders who fought to keep in place strict laws such as voter ID laws that disenfranchise minority voters.

However, yesterday, a jury to convicted a Trump supporter on 10 counts of election law fraud, following a trial in Michigan Supreme Court.

What is Trump saying now about the election he won?…

Jury finds Brandon Hall guilty of election fraud… via @ghtribune

The myth of voter fraud has been debunked and is widely considered a way to suppress minority and elderly voters.

Trump took to Twitter to say that Hillary Clinton, his Democratic opponent in the election, only won the popular vote as a result of “millions of people who voted illegally.” And, during his campaign, he insisted the election was going to be “rigged.”

The League of Women Voters (LWV), an advocacy group, posted a press release on its website last week titled, “The 2016 Presidential Election WAS Rigged.” But the LWV was actually referring to voter suppression.

The LWV cites Wisconsin, where Trump edged out Clinton by about 27,000 votes, even though about 300,000 voters did not have proper ID.

'This election WAS rigged,' Activists Say via @DiversityInc

Michigan Trump staffer convicted on ten counts of felony election fraud…