Random Acts of Kindness

Submitted by ub on Sat, 12/10/2011 - 14:53

Tis the Season to be jolly, pleasant and kind. Be kind to your family, friends and neighbors, but please do not forget our troops. Somewhere on a desolate post in Afghanistan, Iraq , Korea...etc. American troops are thinking longingly of home.

Unfortunately, there are not enough people who are thinking of them this holiday season. So please take the time and send "care packages" to our service members overseas. Also, remember the sick and the homeless, who may be temporarily down on their luck.…

Random acts of kindness can take on many configurations;

prepare a meal for a homeless person
smile at people on the street :)
call a family member to tell them you love them
write a handwritten thank you note
knit a beanie or blanket for a homeless person
put change in the washer/dryer for the next person
fill an expired or about to expire parking meter
leave some extra money in the vending machine
buy a little extra grocery for the local food bank
plant a bush or a tree
send your favorite grade school teacher flowers
write a thank you letter to your parents
pay the toll for the person behind you
tape a nice saying or thought to a bus window
instead of just thinking it, compliment someone
give a sad looking stranger a happy music cd
ask someone “how are you?” mean it. and listen.
make some baked goods for your neighbor(s)
hug your loved ones for no particular reason
make breakfast for your partner or roommate