PR... Our Heart's Devotion

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Although no one can really say when Puerto Rico will get its power grid working again, one thing is certain, the folks living on the island are growing desperate and needlessly suffering.…

However, no mention of this during his weekly address and as Puerto Rico faces the worst natural disaster ever, T@POTUS rants about firing NFL players who protest

During yesterday's 9/22/17: White House Weekly Address, there was no mention of the 3.5 million people living in this US territory.

CITY IMAGES spoke with Puerto Ricans who have friends and families on the island and they expressed their collective disgust with the limited amount of support which is being applied by the federal government.

One military veteran who we spoke with expressed disgust, pointed out that Puerto Ricans have a long history of military service and wondered why there has not been more focus on this unprecedented catastrophe the people of this Caribben island are enduring.

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The Latest: Officials in Puerto Rico plead for supplies

Tell @POTUS and @USCongress they work for you and tell them what to do. #PuertoRico is a US territory, Puerto Ricans are American citizens. They need #USA #HELP now more than Florida and Texas. #POTUS

Contact your representatives and let them know what you want and need them to do. Reach out with your ideas, suggestions, demands and remind them there are millions of lives in danger.

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Because everyone hates you and no one wants you representing US