Submitted by ub on Sat, 07/06/2013 - 11:28

If you are planning a garage or yard sale and want to post it on City Island Images, it is really easy to do. Here is the quick guide to get you started.

Please send us an email:

Then you can include your tag sale information and we will include it in the announcements section. Your post will show up front-and-center @ City Island Images Homepage.

Be sure to give yourself at least 48 hours in advance‚Äďall posts on City Island Images need approval before they will go live on the site. If you e-mail on Friday night about a Saturday morning sale, it may not get up in time!

Have pictures of some of your most awesome items you're looking to sell? You can add the best two to your e-mail, so you can tease our readers with a sneak peek.

Good luck and let the bargains begin!