Possessions Posses US

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Anything we can't give away after it has outlived its usefulness possesses us, and in this materialistic age, unfortunately too many of us are possessed by our personal possessions.

If we have enough for food, housing, clothing, if we have enough for a certain level of freedom in transportation, if we have enough money or insurance for unforeseen conditions, and if we have enough for the basic survival necessities, we are fine and should be grateful.

What could we cut out that we absolutely don't need? All we need is a roof over our heads, food and water on the table, and our loved ones. Sometimes it takes losing everything for folks to figure that out.

There are some necessities in materials like food, clothing, and shelter. I even think that it is necessary to maintain a certain level of appearance. However, many of us in our pop culture go overboard in our excessive spending on our appearances, on decorating our houses, spending on cars. Obsessions with luxury are causing us miseries. Does anyone in the news come to mind?

Possessions Posses US: Spirits in the Material World - - … #USA

Among my most prized possessions are words that I have never spoken. Orson Scott Card