Submitted by ub on Sat, 12/14/2013 - 21:37

Driving in hazardous conditions centers on slowing down and keeping a safe distance between yourself and the drivers in front of you.

Think about what would happen if a deer were to jump out on a snowy highway, and the person in front of you slammed on the brakes. Consider whether or not you would be able to stop soon enough, or if there was an accident up ahead of you. Don't let other drivers riding too close behind you force you into tailgating also.

The most common mistake that motorists make is not leaving enough of a cushion between themselves and motorists in front of them. You are not competing in a race. You are trying to enjoy the ride to your destination and keep yourself and your passengers safe.

If the driver behind you can't leave the proper distance between their front bumper and your rear end, don't respond by hitting the brakes. Simply maintain your speed. If you leave enough room in front of you, there will be space for the aggressive driver to pass and get back into rushing along. Don't be surprised when you later see that motorist pulled over by police or off the road because of loss of control.