Parrot vs Patriot

Submitted by ub on Sun, 10/03/2021 - 08:36

Whether an individual consumer, business owner, community leader, elected or appointed official, if you are still opposed to higher minimum wages then you are just plain STUPID, don't care, and certainly DO NOT understand the engine that drives the US economy.

If you want to be a PARROT, instead of a PATRIOT, go ahead, keep "parroting" those talking points about the devastating effects a higher minimum wage would have on the economy that your political party, chamber of commerce, or other conflicted and the self-serving source is shoving down your throat!

I wish consumers all across America would just stop all non-essential consumer spending for one entire year and bring the US economy to a grinding halt, and then hopefully all of the pundits who oppose a living wage for ALL Americans will realize that the more money low-income wage earners earn, the better and healthier the US economy will be.

And by the way, I would recommend to all of those who are opposed to higher minimum or living wages and spend millions each trying to convince America that higher minimum wages or a living wage is bad for the economy, to spend that money supporting small American manufacturers and a campaign to Buy American or Made in the USA products instead.

A WIn-WIN for the entire nation! 

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By; Reydel (Sonny) Santos