The Oz Couple

Submitted by ub on Thu, 09/15/2016 - 08:40

Odd or Oz couple, these truly belong in the land of oz, but without the wizard part. One appears to be fishing for votes and the other for TV ratings, but will either succeed this time?

The Donald's TV chat with Dr. Oz airs Thursday, but little will be revealed about the oldest ever GOP nominee's health. Neither men are considered top experts, according to their colleagues, but that does not prevent a serious discussion of medical records from a supposed physical on TV doctor after Hillary was diagnosed with pneumonia.

The Dr. Oz Show does not give health specifics, much like The Donald's entire platform. It's apparently a secret.

The Donald has repeatedly questioned Hillary's health and stamina, but has yet to release his health records. He says he would do so soon, perhaps this week? Or maybe he will decide to wait until after a mental health audit is performed by Dr. Phil? Will he next be discussing national security with Capt. Crunch and release his taxes during a TV Lotto drawing?

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