Over The Hill Club Meets Again

Submitted by ub on Wed, 11/02/2011 - 14:23

Marie Tisi, Secretary of this very unique and happy club wants every current, or former phone company employee to know that they are welcome to join them every month. Their group meets on the first Wednesday of the month. The organization began around 25 years ago, back when Ma Bell was still around and making connections.

They used to meet at Castle Harbor in The Bronx, but now get together at various locations throughout the area. Today, these delightful individuals met a JP's Restaurant on City Island.

In attendance were Judy Jarer, Gina Marie Spath, who claims to be the youngest and newest member, along with her proud husband George Spath, also there were Fred Neale, George Carbain, Gar Hansan, City Islanders Russel Schaller and Robert Braniza. If interested in joining, please contact Sgt R. Schaller 718 885 2087.