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Do you want to learn about all the tea in China, one of the ordinary common seven things listed, yet heavy profound, throughout the Chinese culture. From the ancient legends.

A connoisseur of tea, Mr. Lao Gu will discuss the role that tea plays in Chinese life, both in present day, as well as in the past. Date: Saturday, JUNE 21, 2014, 2:00 pm-4:00 pm

Today, the tea in China, this ancient land and how is the situation then? Speculation is driving up the sky starting price of tea? Or nines kinds of tea posture? Seemingly bustling all this seems to have gone too far away from the tea itself. So we can not help but ask: "Tea in modern life what it means?"

Tea nerd with Chinese tea from the west, and the tea so that his right: "the tea is a natural, smooth, straightforward, but there is no movement so the more inclusive nature, the more traces of free fall. But not just a state of mind, and this is our attitude towards tea. Understand tea, is something intrinsic to feel emotions and tea, and finally back to the heart. Presenting what the perfect tea blend should be, if the people are too many distractions. Tea is not possible to take the show out of tea is good or bad, not because they do not know how bad, but do not understand it, and the fate of people who drink tea gone wrong, and then one day you know, it could be need to go back a hundred years the body.

Ramada Humanities Institute honored to Beijing's famous tea nerd, June 21 at 2 pm for everyone to bring his tea seats, in a summer afternoon, telling a story of tea. Lecture is free. Due to limited seating, advance reservations. Please visit the online booking.