Orchard Beach Fireworks

Submitted by ub on Thu, 06/23/2011 - 22:12

Everyone is invited on Thursday, June 30th at Orchard Beach for our annual Bronx fireworks celebration day. Every year, this event unites thousands of people in our shared pride of the history of our country and all that this great county has accomplished.

However, these accomplishments have not been achieved without great sacrifice. As we celebrate this Fourth of July, we must also salute and honor those men and women of our U.S. Military who defend and preserve our great nation every day.

While on the Fourth of July we reflect on the many sacrifices the men and women of our Armed Forces have made for every one of us, you are all urged you to remember and honor those sacrifices each and every day.

This Fourth of July, let's keep our active military members and veterans in your thoughts and prayers this Independence Day.

New York Salutes America: A Boardwalk Festival and Firework Celebration

Thursday, June 30th

Orchard Beach

6:00-10:00 PM