Online polling is power to the people

Submitted by ub on Sun, 10/25/2015 - 09:50

Polls can be inaccurate and all include a margin of error. We must also keep in mind that polling organizations that track elections do not always identify the wave that leads to strong majorities in voter turnouts.

What is the future for election polling? There isn’t a clear answer that includes a sure fire solution. The present system is broken and no one has yet figured out how to fix it. Political polling has progressively gotten less accurate as a result, and it’s not going to be repaired in time for the 2016 VOTE.

However, technology is now available to allow the public to go online and opine about the issues most important to them. In short, polls and pollsters are going to continue to be less reliable. What this means for 2016 is anybody’s guess.

What is abundantly clear is that we must not follow the present system of polls, as we’ve done over the years; we should question them, dissected them, tear them apart and develop a modern and more reliable system.

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