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Like mother, like daughter. When Sabrina Soto was born, the birth announcement was made "On Air" in Miami, but these are different times and the Internet is king.

I leave for LA LA Land to do what grandfather do. SPOIL

HGTV's Sabrina Soto Welcomes a Baby Girl

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The greatest blessing is to be called grandpa... Grand-kid hugs are the best hugs on earth... A grandchild’s laughter is the greatest medicine... I’m hooked on my grand-kids... I enjoy spoiling my grandchildren!

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Congratulations Sabrina and Roberto, you have a great generation ahead. You raised your beautiful children to be as awesome as you are Roberto then why would it be different with your grandchildren. Sabrina will be a great mom, she has skills I can tell. Lol.

Best Wishes,


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Your well wishes and kind words are truly appreciated.