NYers For Bicycling

Submitted by Admin on Sun, 03/31/2013 - 08:47

Bicycling is good for NY. Are you a New Yorker for bicycling?
Do you declare yourself a New Yorker for Bicycling?

Do you support for the three pillars of safe cycling in New York?

Responsible riding is safer for everyone.

Bike lanes keep everyone out of each others way and out of harm's way.

A robust public bike share program empowers New Yorkers with more transit choices.

If you support these principles then more New Yorkers riding bicycles on NYC streets benefits New York as a whole. Bike-friendly enhancements to our streets improve New Yorkers' health, increase pedestrian safety and bolster a more vibrant business community. As a bicyclist, I vow to ride safely and create a positive street environment. As a pedestrian, transit rider or driver, I support the right to safe travel for New Yorkers who choose bicycling and recognize that we're all better off when everyone has safe space to travel. In the interest of a greener, greater New York... Call on elected and appointed officials to do the same.