Submitted by ub on Wed, 01/15/2014 - 20:35

NYC Mayor has launched a pedestrian safety campaign designed after a Swedish program called Vision Zero: No loss of life is acceptable. The road system needs to keep us moving. But it must also be designed to protect us at every turn.

Since the mayor has thrown his support to Vision Zero an advocacy group named Right of Way is holding him accountable with a Vision Zero Clock. Every time a pedestrian, cyclist, driver or passenger is killed this year, the clock will automatically update, and the grass roots campaign is launching a Twitter feed to remind the mayor of his promise to eliminate traffic deaths by 2024. According to the group, there have been 11 deaths so far in 2014.

New York City Council Member Jimmy Vacca, who represents City Island says he supports NYC pedestrian safety plan.

“I fully support Mayor de Blasio’s plan to improve pedestrian safety in New York City. Each year, far too many lives are ruined because of preventable traffic collisions, and I am happy the Mayor is allocating more resources to address this serious problem. The announcement today that the NYPD Highway Division will increase by 50 percent is a long overdue step and points to the commitment the Department has to saving lives.

As Chair of the Transportation Committee, I held hearings last year which highlighted the inadequacies of speeding law enforcement, and I worked closely with the NYPD to expand the Collision Investigation Squad and ensure that proper attention was provided to more accidents. The more a driver exceeds the speed limit, the greater threat they are to public life. Our streets are not a NASCAR track, and anyone who thinks they are should not be behind the wheel,” said Council Member James Vacca.