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Brooklyn Bridge: Opened back in 1883, it was considered to be an engineering wonder, the longest suspension bridge in the world. Take the A or C train to High Street, Brooklyn, and walk back to Manhattan with your camera to capture some of the finest skyline views.

Central Park: The city's second largest park and Manhattan's backyard. It is the green space where folks jog, skate, bike, walk, climb some rocks and steal a kiss, or two.

City Island, Pelham Park and Orchard Beach: a historic beach known as The Bronx Riviera, which is adjacent to a mile long and 1/4 mile wide island known as The Seaport of The Bronx and New York City's largest public park, The Bronx Riviera.

High Line: The High Line is a narrow park built on an old elevated freight railway along 10th Avenue on Manhattan's West Side, from just below 14th Street, to 31st Street.
It offers a unique look at the urban landscape from 30 feet up. The northern half is more park-like with plantings, benches and birds.

Staten Island Ferry: This free boat ride takes commuters between Manhattan and Staten Island 24 hours a day. It also offers the best views of the Statue of Liberty, NY harbor, as well as skyscraper canyons. Take the No. 1 subway to South Ferry or No. 4 or 5 to Bowling Green to board the boat on the Manhattan side. Beware of rush hour crowds.

Times Square: This public space like no other, even better in person than it looks on TV. Plenty of things here to buy, of course, but the lights, sights and people-watching are free, 24 hours a day.