NYC Councilmember Speaks Out

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Ever since Jimmy Vacca was elected on November 8, 2005 by an overwhelming majority, to serve on the New York City Council, he has proudly represented the 13th District, which includes City Island, as well as the communities of Throggs Neck, Country Club, Pelham Bay, Morris Park, and Pelham Parkway. Jimmy Vacca says he is committed and will continue working to improve our quality of life.

In an exclusive end of summer season interview with City Island Images, Vacca says he is proud of all the accomplishments which have been made, with community support and the assistance of his staff, his friends and colleagues. As far as the efforts to save City Island's firehouse are concerned, Vacca says he hopes " it never rears it's ugly head again"

Vacca notes that in his 30 years serving the public, he can not remember a better summer season traffic flow than the one we had this year and gives the credit to NYPD Captain Russel Green and all the police officers working out of the 45th Precinct, located on 2877 Barkley Ave., Bronx, NY, 10465 (718) 822-5411. Headquartered at the corner of Revere Avenue in NE Bronx. The precinct area covers 6 miles of park area, and 10.6 miles of waterfront. Capt Green can also be reached via email:

As chairman of the city transportation committee, Vacca vowed to keep working with all members of our community to enforce traffic laws. Vacca says he supports speed bumps to slow down speeding drivers, as long as they are not placed on bus routes, nor adjacent to private driveways.

These images show Councilman Jimmy Vacca speaking with merchants along City Island avenue. Jimmy lives in Throgs Neck with his wife, Shirley, and his daughter, Elizabeth.

Constituent special requests and individual concerns are received via phone, fax, e-mail, in person and now via web form located on the Council’s website. These requests and concerns are entered into the CouncilStat system. Each concern is coded with a specific issue type. Additionally, any address data will be geocoded in order to pinpoint location of the concern. Council Members and staff examine the district, borough and citywide data on a monthly basis in order to track and identify trends within and across district lines. Using this information, the Council identify communities with similar problems, develop best practices, and better target city resources. Information about the type and number of concerns is also published on this web site.

J Vacca NYC Council Term Expires: 12/31/2013
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