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As 2015 comes closer, we thank all of you for being City Images insiders and for staying in touch with us in 2014. Your passion for accurate news and information content helps us fulfill our ongoing promise: To preserve and to honor news and information content and to educate the next generation of storytellers.

And as we express our thanks for staying in touch, we also invite you to visit Dose of News. This is an amazing news aggregator which is available to you free and online, which allows you to read, to share comments on your most interesting news stories and to lend your voice to ongoing dialogues.

The news can be confused with the views. Sometimes bits of information content can be scattered throughout articles. There's so much interesting news, but we have to take the time to categorize it all.

Think of it as a free modern day news stand. Our automated tools are used to aggregate the news stories and categorize them into separate sections of news content. This is like Wikipedia for news as it pools the efforts of the international journalism community to cut through all the noise and helps us all get caught up more quickly and efficiently.

All the news that's fit to download. EXTRA, Extra, read all about it.

Happy News Year from us to you!