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Toilet paper began its popularity in 6th century China, but Joe Gayetty, who could have been full of crap is credited as having re-invented toilet paper in the United States.

In 1857, Gayetty’s Medicated Paper was the first commercially available paper and was sold in flat sheets. Toilet paper has evolved a lot over the past 150+ years, appearing in various plies, colors, textures, scents, and patterns.

Everyone considers toilet paper a necessity. In fact 49% of people reportedly choose toilet paper as their number one necessity if stranded on a deserted island ahead of food, and 69% agree that that toilet paper is the 20th Century convenience most taken for granted.

Perhaps this is why toilet paper deserves it’s own holiday, observed every August 26th. National Toilet Paper Day celebration has been marked with the largest toilet roll. Manufactured by Charmin, the roll contains over 1,000,000 square feet of paper.

Today may be a good day to bring a roll of toilet paper to those you feel may be full of it.

Majority of people name toilet paper as the 20th Century "convenience" most taken for granted.

Half choose toilet paper as a necessity if stranded on a deserted island ahead of food.

A clear majority hang the roll with sheets going over not under.

In public restrooms, it takes nearly 100 buts to use up one entire roll.

Wiping your nose is the second most common use for toilet paper. The first is???