Naked Emperor

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Well, folks all that talk about acting presidential did not last very long. @realDonaldTrump @potus started off early this morning by accusing @potus44 President Omaba as well as attacking Terminator, Arnold Schwarzenegger and once again providing no proof whatsoever.

He sent the following Tweets, with his usual typos and all:

@potus44 has not yet responded, but Ben Rhodes (@brhodes), Obama’s former deputy national security adviser did...
No. They couldn't. Only a liar could do that. Rhodes added,
Donald J. TrumpVerified account @realDonaldTrump
I'd bet a good lawyer could make a great case out of the fact that President Obama was tapping my phones in October, just prior to Election!

Ben Rhodes Retweeted Donald J. Trump
Dear Pundits who lauded his speech. Is it still "presidential" to call your dignified predecessor "Bad (or sick) guy!"Ben Rhodes added,
Donald J. TrumpVerified account @realDonaldTrump
How low has President Obama gone to tapp my phones during the very sacred election process. This is Nixon/Watergate. Bad (or sick) guy!

Ben Rhodes Retweeted Donald J. Trump
No President can order a wiretap. Those restrictions were put in place to protect citizens from people like you.Ben Rhodes added,
Donald J. TrumpVerified account @realDonaldTrump
Terrible! Just found out that Obama had my "wires tapped" in Trump Tower just before the victory. Nothing found. This is McCarthyism!

This reminds CITY IMAGES of Hans Christian Andersen's “The Emperor’s New Clothes,” The story about weavers who promise the emperor a new invisible suit to those who are stupid or incompetent. As he appears in public, most pretend that he’s dressed in silk and gold until a kid in the crowd calls him out for not wearing anything at all.

This is a metaphor for the behavior of the masses who accept on faith the fake doctrine, which is the unproven “trickle-down” theory seeping down from above.

The Emperor's New Clothes

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