Nacho Macho

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In case you missed it, former presidential candidate, a Trump lap boy and least popular governor in America continued his bully pulpit, this last time while holding a snack which, as we can all plainly see, he clearly does not need to feed himself with.

Have anyone ever seen anyone guard their nachos as fiercely as Christie?
Does it remind you of this TV classic? Nacho Man Commercial - 1990's…

A fan confronted by Chris Christie challenges him to MMA battle. Is he really kidding?

MLB Fan Confronted By Christie Challenges Gov to 'Combat-Style' Fight…

It would be successful a pay per view event if they both decided to wear a tight fitting SPEEDO.

This political fat cat appears to be having a bad summer, which only he can blame himself for.
The Chris Christie Photoshop battle is the best thing happening Monday

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I like to escape our crazy news and relax with some music by my favorite artist, Dan Fogelberg. Fogelberg was a legendary poet, artist, and capable multi instrument musician. As far as I know he never did drugs or had a problem with alcohol He may have drank a bit, but who doesn't. He was taken several years ago by cancer, a disease our government has had a cure for since the 50's. He died waaay too soon, and it angers me that we all are subject to an evil system run by criminals who care nothing for the people. I regret never having had the opportunity to see him in concert. He was my favorite singer song writer, and he touched my soul. It sounds a little fruity for a 6'-3". 250 man to say such a thing, but f--k it. His three earliest albums were the best I've ever heard (my opinion), even would put him above his considerable contemporaries of the early 70's, who were much more radio friendly. Look at any of those early singer songwriters of that era, which were THE halcyon days of singer songwriter yore, and they all not only knew Dan, but had immense respect for him, and collaborated with him. Check it. You will be amazed who he played with, and who sang back up on his many albums. Gone but never forgotten....