Muni Meter Transfer Bill Hearing

Submitted by ub on Sun, 04/22/2012 - 11:48

Hearing will also highlight lack of construction coordination in Lower Manhattan. Tomorrow at 1 p.m., Transportation Chair James Vacca will convene a public hearing on Introduction 784, which would allow drivers to transfer their purchased municipal meter time to another parking spot with the same meter rates. At 1:30, the Transportation Committee will be joined by Chair Margaret Chin and the Committee on Lower Manhattan Redevelopment to hear testimony from the Department of Buildings and the Department of Transportation on the lack of construction coordination in Lower Manhattan. In the decade following 9/11, Lower Manhattan has experienced both a surge in residential population and construction activity, and residents have expressed concerns about their quality of life as numerous city agencies grant variances to contractors building at all hours of the day and night.

The meeting will include NYC Council Member James Vacca, Chair, Transportation Committee. Council Member Margaret Chin, Chair, Lower Manhattan Redevelopment Committee. Derek Lee, Manhattan Borough Commissioner, Department of Buildings. Luis Sanchez, Lower Manhattan Borough Commissioner, Department of Transportation
Ed Pincar, Director of Intergovernmental Affairs, Department of Transportation. At 250 Broadway, 14th Floor Committee Room.