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Are you one of those Americans who've had it with boards and are Moving On Up from Condo to House in the 200 Largest Cities?

Single-family homes are cheaper than condos in 20 of the largest U.S. cities. Other urban hubs list houses for more than double — or almost triple — the median price of condos.…

Research published by Point2 studied the 200 largest cities and found 20 where the median-priced single-family house cost less than the mid-priced condo. 

For example, in Windy City, the analysis found the median house costs $295,000; the median condo $320,000. The median Cleveland house costs $115,000; the median condo costs $181,000. A mid-priced home in Des Moines expenses $180,000; a condo $209,000.  

Other cities where houses cost less than condos include Pittsburgh (median house price, $212,000), St. Paul ($250,000), and even pricey Boston, where the median house costs $670,000, while the median condo fetches $675,000. 

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