Mike Goes All Ways

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He has been a Democrat, an independent and a Republican. Round and round he goes, where he'll land nobody knows... Not yet.

Bloomberg LP founder may be considering running for president as a Democrat. The former NYC Mayor has formally changed his voter registration back to Democrat.

This real self-made billionaire, who puts his money where his mouth is and who didn't get a small million dollar loan from daddy, nor has he been coy about his taxes or accused of cheating US taxpayers did not say whether he would run for public office again. However, it could be a breath of fresh air and it may stop the hot air from a self-proclaimed billionaire to finally see a real intelligent businessman in a powerful position. Not to mention this is a real leader who is really rich and really does prove it.

However, some claim the new Democrats hate rich white males. The Democratic primaries in 2020 are going to be interesting.

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