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My father entered this race for one reason – to fix Washington and fight for you!

He’s sick and tired of seeing the American people ripped off by the career politicians and those who fund them, and he’s working hard to win big on Election Day.

I can tell you, he’s eager to get to work building a better future for our country and ALL of our people...and with LESS THAN FOUR WEEKS to go he needs your help!

So I’m writing today to ask you – are you in to make my father the next President of the United States?


We have the best supporters and incredible momentum, and we’re taking leads now in battleground state polls.

But we know these final 23 days will be the toughest test yet for the campaign!

The Clinton campaign operation is supported by MASSIVE donations from special interests, and we know the Democrats are never above resorting to dirty (and often illegal) tactics to win.

That’s why we need you on board, now more than ever before. We can’t let up and every bit of support is going to make a difference in the outcome of this race.

JOIN Team Trump for the final push to Election Day with a $100, $50, $25, $10 or $5 contribution!


I know you want to see my father defeat Hillary Clinton on Election Day – she has disqualified herself from the nation’s highest office with her failures, lies and cover-ups.

And you and I both know that if she wins, she will double down on Barack Obama’s radical agenda to “transform” our country!

My father is putting forward a much different vision: Put America first, rebuild our country, restore jobs and opportunity and take care of our veterans, our children trapped in failing schools and society’s most vulnerable.

This is how he’ll Make America Great Again!

Our message is resonating, and enthusiasm for my father’s campaign is off the charts.

We need to continue delivering his message directly to the American people, and we need to be ready for every dishonest attack the Democrats lob our way.

Help my father close the deal and WIN on November 8th! Join this historic race for our nation’s future today with a $100, $50, $25, $10 or $5 contribution.

Thank you.

For America,

Donald J. Trump, Jr.

P.S. My father is fighting for a more secure and prosperous future for ALL of us, and he’s gaining ground every day – but he needs you on board now to WIN! So don’t delay – if you are supporting my father in this race, please JOIN US today with your most generous possible contribution.

When the polls painted a different picture there was no problem, but now that stats indicate Hillary Clinton holds a double-digit lead in the presidential race the Republican candidate is, unfortunately, singing a different tune. Therefore we hereby endorse @HillaryClinton.

In the spirit of clarity and transparency, allow me to add that I am not a registered Democrat and I once worked for a Republican president.

The GOP candidate's latest unfounded charge is that Clinton on drugs, but he is the one continually heard sniffling. Regardless of the paranoid pronouncements made of a rigged system, City Images endorses former FLOTUS, Secretary of State and US Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton. Let's also be respectful of every woman whose beauty, intelligence and grace will never ever stop them from putting anyone who is deserving in their proper place.…

We also urge everyone to consider a Congressional clean sweep. Vote House Republicans out…
The USA Needs a clean sweep today! #BestForAmerica #Vote2016

We ask American citizens who are registered to vote to stay informed about current events Look forward and learn from the past. Adopt a philosophy of now that it's over, let this great democratic nation of immigrants resolve our future challenges unified.

"IT IS NOT ENOUGH TO SPEAK, BUT TO SPEAK TRUE." – Poet, playwright, actor, who was regarded as the greatest writer of the English language. WILLIAM SHAKESPEARE