Love Who You Are

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Take care of yourself, stay healthy, be kind to those who are nice to you, find inner peace and you'll be happy for a lifetime.

Always be confident that you will try to do better than your very best.

If you're stuck doing something that you don't like, it could be because it doesn't jibe with your goals.

Money isn't always everything. If you value sharing, you may want to find work helping others.

Life Goals for Ideas

If you favor work-family balance and lower levels of stress, you may want to consider jobs that are less demanding.

If you feel like you're just another rat in the race when really, you'd like to help others and make a difference. The healthcare field is an obvious choice—try the low-stress physical therapist job, for instance. But you can also look at any other public service job, like firefighter, policeman, or teacher—all offer high job satisfaction when it comes to feeling you're making a difference.

If a complete change of career path is not in the cards for you, look at starting a volunteer event like Habitat for Humanity, or another way to get involved in the community, either through work or during your off time. Those volunteer positions often turn into paid ones, so don't dismiss working for free as a career advancement move. 

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