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Composer, producer and Beatles expert Scott Freiman takes Beatles fans young and old into the studio with the band as they create their bestselling album -- The Beatles (commonly referred to as the White Album).

Released in 1968, the White Album’s thirty songs span almost every style of music -- from hard rock to country to chamber music to avant garde. Its recording took place during a remarkable year in Beatles history that included a lengthy trip to India and the arrival of Yoko Ono.

Scott traces the creation of some of the Beatles’ most memorable songs, such as “While My Guitar Gently Weeps” and “Revolution”, from demo to final version. Scott also covers the recording of “Hey Jude”, the Beatles’ most successful single. Scott discusses the studio techniques used by the Beatles during 1968 and share many examples of rare audio and video of the Beatles in action.

For further information regarding the presentation see Scott Freiman's website here. Film Please note that this event has a good deal of media footage and on-screen elements, but is primarily a lecture followed by a Q&A with the audience. This is NOT a film screening.