Submitted by ub on Wed, 10/19/2011 - 21:21

There have been Tea Party demonstrations, Occupy Wall Street, or whatever the group du jour... Discontent with our current system is spreading to cities and towns all across The United States of America, and the right to protest and dissent are a key part of our democracy and has a place in our national conversation.

The First Amendment guarantees what some might consider the most fundamental freedoms that define our great nation.

We defend the right for demonstrators or the right, on the left, or right down the middle to speak their minds and peacefully assemble. We believe all people have the right to free speech, the freedom and the obligation to stand up for what they believe in.

It's important in our democracy that there is free and open discourse about the future direction of our great nation. It is vital that those who choose to be involved in that conversation through protest are given the right to exercise their constitutional freedom.