Submitted by ub on Sun, 02/17/2013 - 17:34

A six-second kiss is one fun activity, which all couples can include in their shedules. It's long enough to feel romantic, it serves as a pause within a busy day and it creates a definite break between the work mentality and that couple’s togetherness.

This six-second kiss is a fraction of the five hours of time that happy couples are devoting to their relationships each week. Time spent intentionally focusing on their partners during reunions/partings also comprise an important component of the five hours that couples invest into their relationships each week.

Those first few moments when you and your partner reunite sets the tone for your time spent together — either positively or negatively. Greeting them with affection communicates this person’s importance to you while reminding your partner of the good feelings you share when you’re in their company, and trigger reciprocal feelings of his or her own.

A number of small gestures can be combined in order to ensure that your reunion goes well:
Set aside any distractions to give your partner your attention as you exchange greetings.
Share a six-second kiss.
Then say that you’ve missed them and express how happy to you are see him or her again.

If you’re used to a more casual way of saying hello and goodbye, just letting your partner know that you’re happy to be together creates an important transition between your time apart and together.

Try it... you may find yourselves enjoying these exercises more and more.