Kindness Kingdom

Submitted by ub on Sat, 05/14/2022 - 11:28

This weekend my wife and I find ourselves without commitments on our personal schedules, So, we talk, laugh, garden, read, or write.

Who has the audacity to say they would leave a group to go in pursuit of the lost person?. Who works to bring the lost home. And then, when that one returns, they would invite others to join them? 

Therefore we need to wake up every day learning about opportunities to interact and cultivate kind relationships. To treat others the way you wish to be treated, but also know when to stand.

I get excited every time I see someone with jubilance because a special one is coming home. It almost brings me to tears when I think about my special ones who have drifted.

When did the world stop sharing and helping people? When did we stop caring? When did we stop reaching out with love? 

How many people have you shared within the recent past? How many people have asked you why you live the way you do? How many are you helping? How many do you know well enough to engage with intelligently? 

If you can easily answer these questions in a positive fashion, that is amazing. I appreciate your efforts. Keep going because your labor is not in vain. You are building a kind kingdom. 

We don’t have time to waste. Each of us should want to help as many people as best as possible. So how do we build a kingdom? Persuade the lost through acts of kindness, but without strings attached.

I have met many folks by showing simple acts of kindness. I sit in a coffee shop and try to help people, meet nice folks in markets, or walk down the street holding hands.

And, yes, time is short. I  will do just about anything to meet people. In other words, if it’s not sinful and it could reach people — do it. 

Get creative. I can’t get creative for you. I suggest you reach out to farmers, city folk, those who perform public services, on the stage, etc. I know how to love the people in my context. Sometimes we’ve been effective, other times we haven’t. 

The point is to do something. Try something. I want to show kindness in a way that makes people ask why. If they ask why I have an open door to tell them about The kingdom of kindness.

Remember to be kind to others and remember not to take yourself too seriously so you can laugh at yourself.

As I said, I enjoy writing. I love my family of three kids and twice as many grandkids. I could not have done it without my high school sweetheart and the mother of my two daughters and grandma of five. 🙏  ELE

I like to get creative with my time. When I take time for myself, I want to do more than enjoy myself. I want to make a spiritual impact. 

It’s also a passion that grants me hours with someone. That means we have hours of conversation. 

Do you know what else it does? It builds common ground. I am able to get them talking about something we have a mutual interest in. It builds trust. It opens the door naturally to conversations. It helps them see me as a person who is just like anyone else. 

We all naturally talk about the things we love. My goal is for people to fall more in love with Kindness — to fall so in love with it that they can’t help but get into the community and show others. 

I love my wife. I could talk for hours about her. I met her through an act of kindness, so it is never to be the last resort; it must be the first resort. 

My hope is that we learn It's easier to talk about people we're madly in love with, whether or not we're talking to a complete stranger, who may become a member of the Kindness Kingdom.