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The friendlier @Jlo aka Jennifer Lopez was doing things her way and this time without an attitude. Our home grown gal from The Bronx graced her fans with a free concert tonight.

The Bronx actress, dancer, producer, recording artist, who is best known as Jeni from the block performed a live concert in Orchard Beach and although some locals were complaining for days prior to the even, the traffic as well as the show went off without any major problems. Much Ado About Nothing!

Que vivan los Latinos y que viva Jennifer Lopez. The local media were on the scene at Orchard Beach for tonight's concert by J-LO, aka Jennifer Lynn Muñiz. Officials say less than 25 thousand fans were on hand and most were ecstatic over the entire scene tonight. All her fans appeared to be excited and delighted to be there and the price was right. The fact that it was a weeknight and some mosquitoes made the light night fiesta less than perfect, but everything went smoothly, so there was never a reason for the Nay Sayers to complain.

Jennifer Lopez plays a free show in the Bronx: Entertainer and mogul Jennifer Lopez said her free concert in t...
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J Lo holds free concert in the Bronx via @allieallieooop
J Lo returns to the Bronx for a free concert to kick-off national music series
Jennifer Lopez heads back to the Bronx to perform free concert via @ABC7NY

This free concert was part of LISC NYC's continuing commitment to The Bronx. The organization has teamed with State Farm to support Jennifer Lopez's June 4th performance in Pelham Park. The concert was the first in a series of State Farm Neighborhood Sessions that allows musical artists to say "thank you" to fans and to highlight and celebrate community organizations.

In preparation for the concert, numerous traffic restrictions were in effect on Orchard Beach and throughout City Island in The Bronx. Meanwhile, NYPD said the traffic flow was controlled. J-Lo's free concert went on without any problems, so there was no need for the band of negative comments and complaints.

The latest local cable news and information can be found at News 12 The Bronx:

Photo: NY Daily News