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Loudmouth neighbors, barking dogs, and leafblowers are enemies while working online, or attending school from home.

The leaf-blower season can be one of the most frustrating times of the season. but for homeowners, this can be a leafy foreboding. Rather than enjoying the fall colors, you might be imagining the layers of leaves all over the driveway, outdoor furniture, walkways, etc. It's time you throw those worries out the window and start shopping for a leaf blower. These little beasts are a fun way to get rid of all that leaf carnage, and who knows, you might even start enjoying the feeling of autumn again.

Advocates for Transforming Landscaping with the mission of getting local residents to adopt more sustainable landscaping practices.

3 states mull banning gas-powered mowers, blowers

A decentralized nationwide movement has seen more than 100 local governments enact at least partial bans on gas-powered leaf blower use in recent years.

Fall is no doubt a beautiful time of year, as leaves transform into flaming reds, oranges, and yellows—as they accumulate, a leaf blower can make short work of clearing the mess, but er think an old-fashioned rake is best.