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It will now cost nearly one half dollar to mail a letter. $0.49 for a first class stamp and $0.34 for a post card.

The USPS claims that literally and figuratively, they deliver for America. Even in an increasingly digital world, they claim to remain part of the bedrock infrastructure of this nation’s economy, serving its people and businesses and binding the nation together.

Do you agree and think its safe, reliable and an affordable? USPS says they deliver to every address in the country and its territories. They deliver more mail to more addresses in a larger geographical area than any other post in the world. Their timely service provided daily depends on a network of facilities, technology and people that collect, transport, process and deliver the nation’s mail.

65 billion — 2012 revenue, in dollars
160 billion — number of mail-pieces processed
40 — percent of the world’s mail volume handled by the Postal Service
1.8 billion — dollar amount paid every two weeks in salaries and benefits
522,144** — number of career employees
108,000** — number of military veteran career employees
31,272 — number of Postal Service-managed retail offices
212,530 — number of vehicles — one of the largest civilian fleets in the world
1.3 billion — number of miles driven each year by letter carriers and truck drivers
39.7 million — number of address changes processed
39 — percent of retail revenue from alternative access channels
423 million — total number of visits to
67.5 million — number of inquiries handled by the Postal Service Contact Center
246 million — dollar amount of online stamp and retail sales at
44.1 million — number of Click-N-Ship labels printed
483 million — total revenue, in dollars, from Click-N-Ship label purchases
83.8 million — number of packages picked up using Free Package Pickup
5.7 million — number of passport applications accepted
109 million — number of money orders issued
497 million — amount in revenue from 2,500 Self-Service Kiosks
70,000 — number of stores, banks and Self-Service Kiosks that sell stamps
654,560 — number of new delivery points added to the network