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I am what I am and love who I am because I am Roberto, aka UB The Island Man. City Island  - A Slice of NYC Paradise.

Love yourself and be grateful for all you have in life. Learn to laugh at the mistakes you make along the way. Each day, feel the enthusiasm for your vision as if it has already happened. Stay open for the remarkable to occur. Young children may teach us something. As adults, we can be persistent in going for what we value.

Care for yourself: eat foods that serve your body; drink plenty of water; get enough sleep; exercise regularly; make time and space for fun and relaxation; stay focussed on your vision and intention. Taking care of your health is a wise investment.

Clear the clutter. Live lean with only that which you need around you. The feeling of freedom you gain will liberate you closer to what you really want.

Find ways of dealing with life's necessities so that you are not distracted by them. Only agree to do what you will actually do. Learn to say no to what does not fit you.

Maybe you have longed to express and develop something special. Do it. If not, you will never know how you would like to be experiencing your life perhaps with more happiness, better communications with the ones you love, greater fulfillment in your work. Knowing is deeper and stronger than wishful thinking or hoping. It is a conviction so solid that you can base your life on it.

Daily nurture your vision - see, feel, hear how you will be experiencing the fulfillment of your life you want, both inwardly and in the world. Use your imagination.

If you have a talent, keep working with it. If you would like to be happier, do things that make you happy. Better communications? Be willing to learn, practice, improve - and make mistakes from time to time. Your intention will speak volumes. Fulfillment? Adjust your attitude.

At the very least, spend time with people who are supportive and for you. Enrich yourself by getting to know others who are actively creating the best for themselves, and learning from them. https://cimages.me/content/el-barbaro-del-medio

Learn to live in the present moment and respond to your intuitive guidance. There are times when to act; times when to hold. You will get to know which is which.  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WB6jhbtDUZE

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