Submitted by ub on Sat, 05/13/2017 - 18:36

What is the real reason for traditional lectures? Why are many students deciding not to attend?

This model of learning where professors share wisdom on any given topic and disseminate it dates back to the beginning of education when it was a way of sharing information. There are still faculty presenting their lecture as a reader because in the old days a teacher would literally read from a book so students could copy it all down. This outdated lecture model worked wonderfully for centuries.

Imagine closing our eyes and thinking about the classroom with a teacher giving a traditional lecture. Now open your eyes. Did you envision the Best Lecture EVER? You probably pictured someone talking on and on in front of a chalkboard or PowerPoint presentation. No way that is more engaging or interesting than gaining knowledge from experiences.

Scientific research shows students don't learn by hearing or seeing, they prefer active learning. All faculty should begin to reconsider going beyond a traditional lecture. First, thing is to insist that students read outside of class. If a lecture reflects the material in the textbook, why make them buy the book? A different spin on the material is repeating what students do on their own. Let's use the classroom for research, demonstrations and to learn from one another.