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Its not just Congress that is caught in DC gridlock, but local commuters now share a similar pain.
Where ido you suppose s the worst rush hour congestion in the entire country? The answer is in our nation's capital Washington, D.C., beat out commuting misery for LA, San Francisco and NYC with the dubious honor of worst rush hour congestion in the nation, according to TTI.

Rush hour gridlock adds 82 hours of additional pain in the --- each year to the average DC commuter, according to the study by Texas A&M Transportation Institute and Inrix, a Kirkland, Wash., company that analyzes travel data. Others include LA, with an extra 80 hours of commuting, San Francisco with 78 hours worth of delays, and New York comes in third with 74 hours.

TTI is the largest transportation research agency in the United States. Created in 1950, primarily in response to the needs of the Texas Highway Department (now the Texas Department of Transportation), TTI has since broadened its focus to address all modes of transportation–highway, air, water, rail and pipeline. TTI is a state agency and a member of the Texas A&M University System. TTI’s cooperative relationship with the Texas Department of Transportation has helped the Institute develop and implement work for numerous other sponsors.

TTI researchers contribute to the growth of the transportation profession by participating in, and leading over 250 local, state and national organizations. Over 100 TTI researchers publish papers and give presentations at the Transportation Research Board (TRB) annual meeting, with around 50 serving on TRB committees. Since the inception of the National Cooperative Highway Research Program (NCHRP) over 40 years ago, TTI has led over 70 NCHRP projects, more than any other participant in the program. TTI researchers serve as objective transportation experts, providing an important resource to local, state and national agencies and groups.

Roadway Congestion Index (RCI) evaluates mobility levels on streets and freeways, TTI developed the RCI, which is now computed annually for over 85 major U.S. cities.