Submitted by ub on Sat, 05/28/2016 - 10:16

My wife Yirong and I were sorry to have missed our granddaughters, daughters of my eldest daughter Natasha Yusta's cute, darling and delightful kids, Chloe Yusta's graduation and, Sophia Yusta. but my post-operative condition does not allow me to go on such a journey and participate in related celebrations. Photo shows Chloe and our other bright and beautiful grandchild Sophia Yusta. We are extremely proud of our graduates .. 6th grade for Sophia, and high school for Chloe. WOW, WoW. wow. ;-)

However, we were nevertheless truly blessed by enjoying a day with our youngest and gorgeous granddaughter, who is a beautiful would be people charmer. Meet 6 months young OLIVIA GRAY.

Expecting the worst, my daughter Sabrina and Olivia's father, Steve were one of many holiday travelers who were surprised to find fast airport TSA security lines, which could bode well for return travelers at the end of this weekend.

Meanwhile, Sabrina says fellow travelers were surprised to learn there was such a quiet and well behaved a baby on board the 6-hour flight from Los Angeles to New York City.