GOP Replacement Bill

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TRUMPCARE Premiums will be higher for older Americans. Under Obamacare, insurers were able to charge a 64-year-old three times more for a policy than a 21-year-old. The AHCA will allow insurers to charge the older population five times more than younger people. States will be able to obtain waivers to charge even more than five times the amount.

In addition to eliminating the requirement to protect those with pre-existing conditions, the bill also allows states to opt out of providing essential health benefits that were required to be covered under Obamacare. The full “essential health benefits”

Prescription medication
Emergency services
Hospitalization and surgery
Laboratory services
Mental health services, such as behavioral therapy, counseling, substance abuse treatments and psychotherapy
Outpatient care, which is also called ambulatory patient services
Pediatric care, including dental and vision
Prenatal and postnatal care

Preventive care in the form of general wellness checkups and chronic disease management
Rehabilitative care, including necessary equipment and devices.

In addition, the bill will harm Medicaid recipients. The bill will allow states to require Medicaid recipients to work or partake in community service or job training.

Obamacare did not require recipients to work to be eligible for the program.

Contact your Congressional Representative and ask them to read and explain it to you.

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