Submitted by ub on Mon, 03/05/2012 - 19:27

The big bad wolf is at the door, but don't let him in... While some in the news industry like to spread fear about the extinction Journalism, their sky is falling claims could not be further from the truth.

Journalism and the news gathering process have never been in better shape. While there are major changes in the process of content production, our craft continues to transition towards citizen reporting, while utilizing the evolution of digital technology. Today, there are more business opportunities being developed for practicing Journalism and believe me, many more will make headlines in the near future.

Our determination and confidence comes from the inspiration we feel from each of our readers and from thousands of young journalism students who share the same hope and determination. Also from knowing that there are no challenges as large as the talents with which we can all face together as a content production unit. And - that a free democratic society will always exist as long as we have freedom of the press... And by the way, this applies to everyone, even bloggers.

If there’s one thing which proves that the interest in news-gathering and journalism continues to grow is the increasing number of documented demonstrations posted worldwide, and made possible through the use of mobile devices and social tools like Twitter and YouTube, which have effectively turned so many into citizen journalists. But please know that not everyone likes this trend, and we’re not talking just about large news organizations, which do not welcome this competition, but security forces across the world, that have been persecuting, arresting and prosecuting people for photographing or videotaping them, even when it is being done in public places.

However, no matter what other changes occur in our industry, all of you Journalism students must continue to expand your writing and story telling skills, as well as following the basic principles of fact finding and reliable reporting. These include accuracy, creativity in storytelling, investigating and researching, as well as mastering the latest media tools, news-gathering techniques, following the latest trends and major industry developments.

It is true that news consumers worldwide continue to migrate towards other digital mobile devices with portable platforms. It is also true that preferences are shifting and these same consumers are rapidly substituting their Televisions and Radios with laptops, desktops, tablets and smartphones to access news and information content. Consumers want portability.

And ironically, it is access to broadband resources where the US lags behind CHINA, FRANCE, GERMANY, JAPAN, KOREA, NETHERLANDS AND UK. All of these countries surpass the US in percentage of their population having broadband access.

We should all take note that 2012 will undoubtedly become a banner year for journalism convergence for all of us who utilize this amazing medium. Besides every news story we have seen, written, or read about so far this year, we can now look forward to the OLYMPICS and The Presidential Elections, which will bring even more opportunities in the production and delivery of news, sports, politics and an abundance of information content.

Journalism education is an amazing adventure, which never ends - It is a constantly developing process, not a just a product. I urge everyone of you to love new ideas and concepts, embrace the ambiguity of technology. Last but certainly not least. The classroom is a great place to learn, play with news gathering concepts and have FUN along the way. Once you're working in the real world, this career becomes extremely serious, sometimes dangerous and too many times a matter of life and death.