Four Days in February

Submitted by ub on Sat, 02/12/2022 - 11:04

Russian liar and Communist Dictator Vladimir Putin deny that Moscow is ready to invade neighboring Ukraine on Wednesday. 

However, military analysts point to satellite images, videos, and social media platforms that tell the real truth that Russians can not be trusted. Vladimir Putin could have never done this if he would be respecting Ukraine's sovereignty. Russia's threat to invade Ukraine should concern everyone on earth,

Russia prepares to invade Ukraine as POTUS Joe Biden tries to prevent war. USA and Germany say bombardment of Kyiv is just days away.

  • Foreign Office tells UK nationals to 'leave now while commercial means are still available
  • Officials reportedly say Vladimir Putin will invade Ukraine and may launch offensive next week
  • British advice comes a day after US President Joe Biden urged all American citizens to leave Ukraine 
  • The European Union warned non-essential staff inside its diplomatic Ukraine mission to leave
  • The US is sending 3K additional troops to Poland, to add to 1,700 there 

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Vladimir Putin's interpretation of the Minsk agreement from 2015 is a Trojan horse that would bring chaos to Ukraine. 

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