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First says he will then say he won't, just to have the press write more about his camp pain promises that he does not keep. What doe that say about a candidate who continues to renege on all his pledges?

Will he ever pull back that curtain of secrecy and release his health records and #TRUMPTAXES? He now says he will not disclose results of a physical. Why will a fringe of voters blindly visit The Land of Oz, to follow his orange skin and fake yellow hair road?

Dr. Oz said he'll review Trump's medical records. Trump says nope.… via @voxdotcom

Sarah Huckabee Sanders flops hard while trying to claim Trump isn’t chickening out on Dr. Oz

Now Trump actually won't be releasing his medical records on 'The Dr. Oz Show':

Trump Sits Down with Dr. Oz, But Won't Discuss Details of Medical Exam @johnrobertsFox…