Ethics / Fraud?

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US Office of Government Ethics Director who has clashed with The White House leaves his position today. Walter Schaub pleaded with Trump to divest from all business interests before resigning. He also singled out Trump adviser Kellyanne Conway after endorsing Ivanka Trump's clothing line.

Mr. Schaub becomes the senior ethics director at the Campaign Legal Center, which pushes for strong enforcement of campaign finance law. Trump is now tasked with selecting the next federal ethics watchdog, which is a five-year position for an ethics reason.

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President Trump's voter fraud commission has generated much controversy since the day it was formed in May. It is scheduled to meet for the first time today.

The group was created to investigate Trump's allegations that millions of illegal votes were cast for opponent Hillary Clinton, but the commission got off to a rocky start after many states denied its requests for voter data.

The Electronic Privacy Information Center filed a lawsuit in opposition. Democrats have now introduced a bill aimed at blocking funding for the commission, calling it a sham and a waste of taxpayer dollars.

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