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There's a reason Election Day is on Tuesday, this was a scheduling decision that made sense in 1845 when election days were standardized. Sunday was the sabbath, so traveling that day to make it to your polling place on Monday was out. And then farmers had to go to market on Wednesdays. Back then, lots of people were farmers and many were religious.

Now in 2016, the majority of US citizens don't farm anymore and God-fearing Americans drive. Yet, Election Day remains on a Tuesday, so why not make it a national holiday. We can call it Democracy Day and give everyone a day off.

As you can clearly see from the chart in this link, November does not have many major holidays in USA compared to other nations.

Now 20 DAYS :03HRS :33MIN :33SEC still to go before a toxic camp pain and Democracy Day!

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The Falcon and I always travel to Mexico on election Day to avoid election day unrest. If there is a revolution that occurs, we never want to be in the crosshairs. We have appropriate paper work to assume false identities if needed. The Falcon tells his followers never to vote, if the other candidate wins, he/she could have all political adversaries eliminated. You must protect yourself from political danger. The alt media like Cimages is the only point of truth, spreading the gospel of political defensiveness. The Falcon tells his followers to read your site often.