Eating Cable?

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In Spanish, we have a saying "Comerse Un Cable" and for those who read the language of romance, here's a link:

It means eating cable, or having problems and experiencing economic difficulties. The term is appropriate when referring to the cable industry, which is apparently eating cable.

Cable TV Alternatives - A Guide to Cutting the Cord

As a former cable TV executive who gave birth to NYC first 24-hour cable news channel dedicated to The Bronx, I admit that the service has become too polarized and full of views, not news. Allow me to present one of my proud projects: I proudly gave initial reporter jobs and career opportunities to young talented individuals who have moved on to become media mavens. Current TV stars like Natalie Morales @NMoralesNBC, James Rosen @JamesRosenTV, Laffit Pincay @LaffitPincayTV and so many other young and talented personalities, who launched their careers in front of the camera. HDTV reception using an antenna is sharper than with cable or satellite. You should be able to get stations that have strong signals using an indoor antenna ($50 to $100 or more).

All I can say to all of them and our readers is fasten your seatbelts. More subscribers are participating in this phenomenon that has never been this serious in past years.

What would make people want to stop watching cable? Who has poisoned the media stream to the point that intelligent consumers no longer need to watch it, or want their children exposed to it?…

This is Worst quarter for paid TV subscriptions and points to a cord cutting future. via @techcrunch

Analyst: The Cord-Cutting Future Has Arrived | Multichannel:…

Why are the US cable companies so worried?