The Donald is Rigged: Opinion

Submitted by ub on Tue, 08/02/2016 - 08:43

It is the opinion of CITY IMAGES that The Donald can not and will not allow, or even consider letting go of any and all perceived questionable comments, no matter how large or small, nor the political risk to his tarnished brand, or more importantly to our country.

The writing is on the wall and the free press should realize that what he thrives on is publicity, be is positive, or negative. Therefore, if he wishes to call others name, he should be forced to purchase political ads.

This guy lacks tolerance and his thin dictator skin can not accept any sort of criticism. The warning signs are abundantly clear and the outcome could be near and dear to US.

‪#‎TRUMPTAXES‬ could prove The Donald is not accepting money from Russia, thereby endangering our freedoms and the future of our American democracy. What is he hiding and why won't the good people of our great nation see through this dyed reddish blonde smoke screen?

The Boll weevil of American media has managed to inject himself inside the fabric of our nation's political system and the results will be disastrous.

Did Donald Trump just start a war with Paul Ryan?

If Trump's attacks on the Khans reveal anything, it's that he doesn't believe in America:

ISSUES AND ANSWERS: We mustn't allow candidates to control news cycles with lies, stupidities, and accusations. There's much work for US.

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on Tue, 08/02/2016 - 09:14


Trash talking Trump is delusional and he is the one who is the devil. He has become the mouthpiece of Russia, makes false statements which are outright lies, or says he has met people who he has never met. Claims he has created thousands of jobs, but has not paid all those workers the entire.

He is a draft dodger who scammed his way out of the military.

No he says he received a letter from The NFL asking him to change the debate days, but the NFL says there was no letter.

Has he no decency, lacks integrity and finally lost his mind?