Do We Need More Candidates?

Submitted by ub on Sat, 04/21/2012 - 23:09

Please note that we're not trying to appeal to our readers, some of whom may be loyal Democrats, others may be loyal Republicans. In fact, the following suggestion may not win a popularity contest, but it may be worth considering. Let's call it food for thought.

The more registered voters City Island Images hear from all over this great nation, the more we are realizing that very few are enamored with the choice of Presidential candidates this time around. Some intelligent Americans say that we have to wait four more years for a better and younger crop of politicians to surface, but to that we say - Can we afford to wait for another 4 year Presidential cycle?

We suggest that our country's two party system needs a major makeover. Republicans are moving further to the right, Democrats to left, while the overall quality of life for the silent majority diminishes. Therefore, we suggest a centrist alternative solution. A new independent duo can then borrow the best ideas from both parties and abandon the rest.

President Obama says one thing and winds up doing something else. He claims fairness will be achieved by increasing taxes on the higher earners, whether or not this may or may not make economic sense in the long run. Romney keeps moving closer to the tea party and has endorsed a US House Republican budget, which slashes federal investments, whether or not this makes long term sense.

What US needs is third-party candidates who’ll advocate a workable tax structure, entitlement reforms, with a leaner and more efficient performance-based government to invest in education, research and our constantly deteriorating infrastructure. These individuals would presumably take the best ideas from the right and the left and move toward the middle with good ideas previously promoted by Presidents and then ultimately abandoned.

I’m praying that someone with political clout will step up and run for president using the 50-state ballot access. It could possibly be a Republican with a Democrat running mate, or visa verse and individuals of any gender or race. They must, however be extremely experienced and clearly denounce this dysfunctional government, as they spell out their formula to fix our ailing economy, and not waste time and money attacking opponents for the top public office.

We realize that all third-party candidates in the past have failed to win, but this time they could force the two major parties to deal with the difficult issues they've been clearly avoiding. US has a long list of problems that Republicans and Democrats can’t or don’t know how to solve because they are hunkered down on the side of their political isle.

The following are not in order of importance and we may have left some out, but here are some issues that need attention now. The economy, jobs, education, defense, infrastructure, tax reform, the federal debt, energy policy, tax cuts, expanded unemployment benefits, not to mention that the current extension of the federal debt ceiling is due to expire at the end of this year.

While Obama may appeal to half the voters and Romney to the other half, a third-party candidate could change all of this and also attract independents, as well as moderates.

The economies of China and USA are showing an irregular motion, and moving clumsily from side to side, Europe's economy appears to be in the dumpster, Arabs are in turmoil with energy prices spiraling. US faces multiple storms ahead and we need to take preventive action for the stability of the entire free world. To do that, we’ll all have to make some difficult decisions that will require top notch leadership now, not in four years. Therefore, this presidential election has to be about difficult choices, smart investments and shared sacrifices.The next president needs a mandate to do all of this. Yes, no, maybe... It' s worth a shot... What do you think? Do you agree? Why? Why not?