Dazed an Confused

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You know, there's so much "sexual harassment" in Hollywood, I think we're just looking at it wrong. Why are we getting so upset? If Richard Dean Anderson wanted to touch my genetailia, I wouldn't be bothered. And even if you dont want someone to touch you, is it that bad an experience? I think society is just applying bad connotations to something that isn't that bad. If you viewed getting your breasts or rump touched in the same matter as having a bird poop on your car, people would be much happier. Who says it has to be something that sticks with you?

Why is it a bad thing to be groped? Other than just because people say it is? Do we have all unique organs that are different from everyone elses? Dont flatter yourself, your body is no different from anyones elses.

City Images is astonished and alarmed that a US president attacks the free press, has not insisted that our allies respect human rights, does not promote democracy, or has not supported our US Constitutionally protected freedoms during his taxpayer-funded Asian trip.

On the last leg of his global journey, President Trump refused to condemn Filipino President Rodrigo Duterte for extrajudicial killings in his Asian nation and allowed him to shut down questions from reporters about Duterte’s human rights record.

Duterte called journalists spies for asking whether the topic of human rights would come up during the Association of Southeast Asian Nations Summit the final major event on POTUS trip across Asia.

However, the real story of this amazing journey was Trump’s deal which was announced in Vietnam with Russia for the “deconfliction” of Syria. This is ceding the regional advantage to Putin and the Supreme Leader of Iran.

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