Dangerous Media

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I have been working in media since my teenage years. At college radio stations, talk radio, NewsRadio, and multilingual television.

My list of credits includes helping to launch, or rebrand a few media startups, including a foreign policy media broadcaster, a couple of cable channels, and turning around a few well-known programs and broadcast entities. WPLG, AM Miami, Observador De Noticias, JobLine, Bowling For Dollars, WINZ, WNWS, NBC-NIS/NOTH, The Source, NewsOvernight, Sunrise, UNIVISION, TELEMUNDO, USIA-TV, KTRG, Orange County Newschannel, News 12, AP Television, IMAGINUS, NewsHooks, DoseofNews, CityImages...etc. 

I've also helped, supported, and promoted many global media organizations, from Antena 3-TV and BBC, down the alphabet to ZDF. 

Anyone who wishes to reach consumers in this fragmented media landscape,  radio is your best option. RADIO over indexes when it comes to listening amount of time, audience loyalty and increasing numbers. AM/FM Ratings Overtake TV For First Time.

Over time, I learned to spot and be keenly aware and suspicious of evangelical holier-than-thou preachers and election deniers spreading dangerous lies, division, and hate. I do believe in civil and human rights for all.

Professor Marshall McLuhan proposed that a communication medium, not the messages it carries, should be the primary focus of study. He showed that artifacts such as media affect society by their characteristics or content.

A hound is said to be man's best friend, but the Fox is not. Also, note that the infamous Salem witchhunts never left us but made a drastic and extreme turn to the right.

This brings us to the present, which may no longer be a gift, but a warning to the wise who can carefully read between the lies, how Salem Media Group came to dominate and then spread the Big Lie.

The Most Influential Christian Talk Radio Network You've Probably Never Heard of

Then there is a story on What two lawsuits can tell us about the future of the Fox empire. 


Last but not least... Behind the scenes at Fox News, why we love fictional plots in the past; and recovering lost history




These issues, I suspect, have a lot to do with the public's disdain for reading and their decision to have information delivered instead.

"It is not red or blue, it is green": Fox News' profit motive makes it even more dangerous.


Hate has a capacity to wipe out out nations ,well that's on a large scale but in the minutest of situations,it has a large capacity to blind rational opinion.

Hate is not just developed by anyone,it stems from perceptions and most of the time relayed commentaries about someone,something or a situation.

So,most of the time haters dont even know why they hate.

Just because someone said something,it has to be true and resorting to hate is the next best thing?


Confirming if the incident is true gives no one a reason to hate the other person.

Either you know that person or the true story of the relayed commentaries or not.


Societies have been thrown into chaos because of #hatespeech,people have been malicious because of what they heard about someone and this act only causes divisions.

Why people use prejudices to propagate hate,I dont know because relating it to one candid reason will be tantamount to hate which I'm preaching against.

I have seen hate in display and the resultant effect is unreasonability.

It's so delirious and chaotic in the case of how it affects societies and nations at large.

Most people who propagate hate do so on the basis of justifying their own part of the story which most times aren't accurate but they want to make it acceptable to you so you can join in their #hategang.

And from experience,I've noticed #hategang dont have a relationship with the people they hate, they hate them just because of what they heard about them or they just stereotype such people.