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The NRA Healthcare, Big Oil, Chemical manufacturers and many more need to be investigated

Demand investigations #GunControl #OilPrices #Healthcare... etc.

Crime scene investigation needed for The United States of America. Why are the special interests winning over the American public? It appears that all our problems have a common cause, special interests are ruining our quality of life and unless stopped, may devastate any hope for our children.

Why are American citizens allowing organizations receiving special advantages, typically through political lobbying? Reach out with your ideas, suggestions, and demands to make it crystal clear they work for all of US.

Why will congressional leaders not take any action on firearms legislation in the wake of Las Vegas? Is the NRA is protected with large infusions of cash contributions? Have insurance, pharmaceutical, oil, chemical and many other companies bought themselves a cozy relationship with lawmakers?

Special interest groups are bi-partisan and set out to skew the political system to their advantage while subverting the will of voters. These advocacy groups simplify democracy rather than subvert it. Most Americans don’t have the time or ability to analyze legislation, but as it is becoming all too obvious, neither do may lawmakers who trust their donors and forget about We The People.

City Images urges everyone to organize a grassroots activity or follow the ins and outs of the political process. these groups bridge the gap between citizens and government. They communicate their members’ views to public officials and inform the public of important political developments.

Remember, however, that for every grassroots group with a community viewpoint, there is almost certainly another one making the opposite case for big business. How did we get into this mess? As my baseball fanatic father would have said, we took our eyes off the ball.

Organize groups that you’ll support, but be prepared for others you’ll oppose you. Also, stay informed via the free press. This is the way to contribute to the exchange of ideas that makes democracy a better way for the USA.