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Robert Cox will in a slide presentation show " fifty views of the sun rising over Hart Island Island".
In the last hundred years New York City has buried more than a million poor people there , on Hart Island.
These beautiful pictures will be a"Halloweeen " or "All Souls Day" commemoration to those who are buried there.
Robert Cox, Photographer, Artist and Teacher will also include Artwork and Photography of his own personal choice which is Strange Weird and Abstract (but nothing Goulish!) as part of this Halloween Celebration.

Barbara Dolensick Head City Island Historical Society will also give a talk on the history and significance of Hart Island.

They are changing the date from October 31st to Saturday November 2nd at 1:00 PM, due to lack of people on Halloween. The Saturday date will have a much larger turnout than Halloween. They made this change to get a larger number of people and to make it more convenient for the public

For Information check with the City Island Library
320 City Island Ave Bronx NY 10464